Happy 2019!!

Happy New Years to my Fashion Alleykins! I know I’ve been on a hiatus for like a year, but it’s because I was applying and preparing for college! You are now looking at (or reading) an FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) student in the class of 2022 ahhhh!! So excited to be pursuing my 8 year old dreams! FIT is the best school for me. I am only one semester in, and lovvingggg it. Right now, I am currently majoring in Fashion Buisness Management, but I just might switch to Fashion Design. I strongly encourage every single person to work hard to achieve whatever it is you are passionate about! Anything is possible! Don’t wonder about the what if’s and who is watching. If it makes you happy, then do it!! Don’t be afraid to shineeeee, the sun does it everyday.

Saying goodbye to WordPress after 6 years of a great relationship. My time blogging is not finished, so I have created a new website where my all current posts will go. I can not forget the memories this blog has given me and I am so thankful for the journey and experience!! Excited for what’s next to come!

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Blessings and love,

Fashion Alley


What is your definition of beauty?

Society has placed expectations on what they believe is acceptable or “normal” to the point where we become uncomfortable with ourselves, our own bodies and try to change in order to fit with the world. Society cannot define beauty, even boys don’t define your beauty. Each and everyone one of us were made uniquely different for a reason. I’m a thick girl that struggled with my body image, but now I’m standing up to society to say all bodies are beautiful. It starts with loving yourself, accepting that you cannot weigh beauty, and embracing your individuality. Healthy looks different on everyone just like clothes looks different on everyone. Thick is cute, skinny is cute, fat is cute! You are beautiful and when you begin to accept that you start to find your own, unique style. Don’t let your size hinder your style. If you can’t fit it, that just means something better was made just for you.

Make your own definition of beauty.

I express mines through my love for fashion 🙂 img_2834img_3989-1

Summer’s Over, Fall’s Here!

Sharing some fall trends for 2017 in a weather that is 50 degrees for one day and then 80 degrees another day. Don’t know what to wear? Here’s some suggestions!

1. Overall dress & Stripes , embroidered rose ankle booties

2. Gingham trousers & Political Statement tee

3. Simple fall look- neutral colors, corset inspired bell sleeve shirt & platform sandals

4. Floral/Embroidered trousers & Choker inspired shirt

5. Contemporary striped pants & Off-the-Shoulder top

6. 90s inspired Vintage Jacket & Velvet top

7. Patchwork Denim jacket & Political Statement dress

What is fashion ?

Hiii my fellow fashion divas! Sooo, it’s been a little over a month since I’ve posted and i apologize! I’ve been in Paris studying fashion! It was such an amazing and unforgettable experience!!

My seminar was history of fashion. This course changed my perspective of fashion in so many ways. My group and I openly discussed several topics of fashion in a broad concept. One thing we discussed is the meaning of fashion. Fashion is more than just clothes and dressing up. That is more likely style. Style could be fashion, but fashion does not necessarily have to mean style. Fashion is intentional, whereas, style doesn’t have to be. Fashion is expressing yourself, showing your individuality, portraying cultural aspects, religious beliefs, etc. Clothes give a feedback to show a reflection of ourselves. It can be a way to distinguish yourself and exclude others. Or it can bring people together for the good or worse, competition vs, popularity. For example, people can bond over their favorite name brand stores or they compete over which one has the most name brand clothes.. So what is fashion to you? Comment below what you believe fashion is and I would love to hear you input!

Prom post pt 3 😌😌

Last but not least, my last two fav slayersss!!! They always know how to dress like THEY THE PARTY and not just like they attending the party. This how you suppose to rock prom! Keep Up the fierceness girlssss!

Everyone style is different! There is no specific dress to wear to prom! As long as you feel confident then you can wooorrkkk anythingg boo!